Grief At Work

How Supporting Grievers Builds Employee Engagement, Retention and Customer Loyalty

Quiet quitting was the phrase of the year in 2022. Businesses are struggling to find enough employees to fill vacancies and are experiencing higher than usual turnover. The idea that workers are lazy is wrong. Workers have had time to reflect about what they are willing to put up with at work. They are no longer willing to be just a cog in the machine. They want to do work that is meaningful, have a healthier work/life balance and feel valued, seen and understood by leadership. That means leaders have to up their game and uplevel their soft skills like emotional intelligence and empathy.

Learning the skills, mindsets and tools that allow us to support people who are experiencing loss and are in the workplace allows all of that. If you have leaders who are able to be open and awkward and create clear, flexible protocols and systems that allow grievers to be successful in the workplace then everyone benefits. People feel valued and like what is real for them matters. Employees all see that being human at work is ok with all the messiness that implies. That’s the kind of places people want to work.

I’ve created an 6 step program to help business leaders uplevel these skills. It is fully customizable for your business and your team. Contact me to schedule a conversation about how this program can work for you.

About Suzanne

Suzanne started writing as a way to process and share what was happening with her on her grief journey. She discovered that people wanted to hear and learn from what she was experiencing. She has now become a Certified Grief Educator and is determined to open conversations that will help normalize grief.

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Suzanne is my Go-To authority for grief. My increased awareness and understanding of grief from her teachings have made me a significantly better communicator, eased my own grief, assisted me in meaningfully supporting others, and exponentially enriched my relationships in both my personal and professional life, as well as in casual everyday encounters.

Bonnie Lynn

Business Owner/Consultant


Suzanne makes this important topic approachable. Her demeanor is so engaging that you cannot help but want to lean in and listen. Her advice and insights are easy, practical, memorable and actionable. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to have Suzanne be a speaker at your event, company, book her NOW.

Zya Be

Host "Your Hell Yes Life"