I’m so happy to share my e-book with you. It provides a starting place to enhance your ability to respond to grief in the workplace. Supporting people who are grieving is critical to maintaining engaged staff and helps boost the bottom line. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne started writing as a way to process and share what was happening with her on her grief journey. She discovered that people wanted to hear and learn from what she was experiencing. She has now become a Certified Grief Educator and is determined to open conversations that will help normalize grief.



Suzanne is my Go-To authority for grief. My increased awareness and understanding of grief from her teachings have made me a significantly better communicator, eased my own grief, assisted me in meaningfully supporting others, and exponentially enriched my relationships in both my personal and professional life, as well as in casual everyday encounters.

Bonnie Lynn

Business Owner/Consultant


In a recent peer meeting, I shared the statistics you provided regarding the number of co-workers that are dealing with grief at any given time. We committed to not only acknowledging the grief but also to providing sustained support.

Kay McBreairty

Program Manager