About Suzanne Jabour

When my son died in September of 2020 I knew I would only manage if I stayed conscious and curious. Otherwise, the sudden loss would break me. This is my journey. My hope in sharing it is that it will help you on yours.

I started writing. First a Facebook post to tell people what had happened because I could barely form sentences and couldn’t imagine how to speak my loss over and over again. Then I wrote posts about different things that were coming up for me. It was a way to get the thoughts spinning around in my mind to quiet. Somehow writing about them helped them become still. I stayed with the pain of my loss and shared what was opening up for me - what I was learning.

Through writing and sharing about my grief journey, I came to realize that, as a collective, we don’t really know how to do grief. I heard over and over from people that they were learning so much, that I was helping them with their grief and to understand what grief can be like for others. As a collective, we don’t know how to talk about it, support each other or navigate the individual grief journey. I knew I had to work to change all that.

Why me though? What did I have to offer people? I have MY lived experience. I have all the studying, learning and talking about grief that has helped me help others. I am expert at is staying with it. Holding the grief with care and tenderness even when it is unspeakably heavy, painful and awkward.

I’m a certified Grief Educator, speaker and transformational coach and facilitator. I work with grievers and those supporting them to open the conversation, navigate the journey, and learn to stay in the awkwardness that all that requires.

I work with business and community leaders to understand how grief shows up at work and develop skills, mindsets and protocols that will support grievers to be successful at work.

I am available for speaking engagements about grief and loss and how to better support each other through losses large and small. I am also able to speak about opening up conversations around poor mental wellness, transforming the support system for those struggling and normalizing talking about how we are really feeling.

I hope you find comfort here. I hope you come to know I see you. I see so much grief and loss that needs care and attention. I hope this will be a space where you feel safe. Where we can have conversations that maybe are hard in real life or where it feels like there is no one to listen. Let’s build community together. And change the conversation.



I participated in Suzanne’s workshop and found it to be exceptional and helpful in ways I didn’t expect. Suzanne made me feel comfortable right from the start in the safe space she creates. I finished the workshop with concrete ideas that I implemented both personally and at work. The grievers I reached out to were so appreciative of my greater understanding of what was helpful to them which I credit Suzanne for.

Judith Hightower

Department Head


Suzanne is a natural teacher, compassionate and helpful. She has created a tool box full of fantastic thoughts, exercises and interviews that have a wide range of ideas attempting to explain and navigate this world of “Grief”. This is the place to go if you are searching. It is authentic, well researched, and heartfelt.

Richard McKay

Business Owner